To ensure that all our food are FRESH, our chefs in our central kitchen make painstaking effort on a daily basis to ensure that the finest ingredients go into each plate served in YES248.

At YES248, all our pre-prepared food are served fresh and in order to maintain the highest level of freshness, all meals are prepared on the day and are never kept overnight.

Onigiri was made on the same day as Japanese rice. So, it feels fresher with a more fluffier rice texture. Side dishes can vary and Onigiri is presented with the size of a fist, making it easier to carry.
Beef Aunori Roll
Beef in sushi? Absolutely! With our favorite roast into long stips and wrap with veggies in Japanese rice and nori, then serve with Asian Condiments.
Cheese Aunori Roll
Not only beautiful, but this sushi roll is also delicious because it contains cheese and mayonnaise! Enjoy a complete dish of eggs, cheddar cheese, crabstick, and cucumber. This cheese Aunori Roll is also decorated with tobiko and aonori outside.
Chicken Tandor Roll
Try a sushi roll filled with tandoori chicken, cucumber, and mayonnaise roll with nori, Japanese rice, spicy bite powder, tobiko and parmesan, which makes it different from other sushi. So yummy! No wonder this menu often becomes the most wanted.
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Feel the delicious sweet teriyaki chicken meat combined with sushi rice, mayonnaise, cucumber and togarashi on the outside. Everything melts in the mouth.
Fish Black Caviar
This one sushi comes with katsu, cucumber, Black Caviar sauce as the main ingredient, parmesan cheese, and nori which no one can match. It is guaranteed to spoil your tongue, maybe that's why this typical Japanese food has a special place in the heart of Sushi Lovers.
Fish Cake Roll
Easy to eat sushi roll filled with Japanese rice, fish katsu, cucumber, nori, mayonnaise and rolled with tobiko and sesame seed. Fish cake roll is perfect sushi to impress your family and friend.
Futto Maki
Lazy to eat vegetables? This menu can be an alternative for you. Feel the delectation of crabsticks, scrambled eggs, cucumbers and fresh lettuce in sushi rice rolls coated with nori, sesame seed and mayonnaise outside. This menu is suitable for you who don't want to be complicated, just hap! All nutrients get in your mouth.
Idako Unagi Sushi
You must try Idako Unagi Sushi! Sweet and savory seasonings guaranteed to arouse your appetite. Plus a special smell. This sushi is indeed great! The idako texture is also soft and tough. you should try this one!
Inari Sushi
For those of you who are confused about eating salmon or crab sticks, you should try Inari Sushi. Enjoy the delicacy of salmon or savory crab stick with inari in one bite at a time. Moreover, Inari Sushi crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!
Kani Mayo Maki
Satisfy your appetite with special dishes. For your crabsticks lovers, you must try this menu. Enjoy crabsticks and cucumbers rolled in nori and Japanese rice. Combine with black caviar and parmesan cheese. The unique taste will be guaranteed to make you cheerful.
Mix Sushi
Want to eat sushi, but don’t know which one to choose? This means this menu is perfect for you. Enjoy sushi mix containing fresh Salmon, eggs, inari, Crab Stick, tobiko orange, dried lettuce, and naruto. This complete package is indeed suitable for you who want more.
Phoenix Roll
Phoenix Roll consists of crispy tempura prawns wrapped in nori, sushi rice, cucumber, and mayonnaise, then wrapped in togarashi and given savory black caviar. When you put it in your mouth, it feels sensational. Especially when you chew, it feels like melting into one. It's delicious guaranteed to make you continue to add.
Sansoku Tobiko Sushi
Maybe not many people know that salmon can be combined with other ingredients, for example in this sansoku tobiko. Blend fresh salmon combined with inari. Wow, combo! Especially on top of these sushi rolls given Tobiko & Ebiko and spicy Mayonnaise which adds to your delicious meal.
Spicy Karage Sushi
You should try this one menu. You must try sushi rice rolls containing karaage chicken, nori and cucumber! It tastes delicious, tasty, complemented by abundant spicy mayonnaise with togarashi and aonori on it. This menu is indeed great!
Stamina Roll
This menu is very famous in Japan. Soft sweet inari combined with teriyaki chicken, fried garlic, cucumber, mayonnaise, chili sauce, and Japanese rice, a special blend of flavors. The pleasure of being able to arouse your appetite.
Tamago Roll
For you egg lovers, you can't miss this sushi. The special combination of sushi rice, sausage, mayonaise, parsley, leek, carrot, paprika, chili sauce and wrapped with nori and soft tamago will melt in your mouth!
Tamago Sushi
Flavorful and elegant egg dish which is served with rice and chili mayo. Fresh eggs that taste sweet will also make you want again and again! The pieces are large and quite large, making Tamago Sushi a favorite menu for sharing.
Tuna Cheese Roll
This sushi rice roll contains tuna with a soft mayonnaise sauce, cucumber, shoyu and wasabi and then wrapped in nori and ebiko. Not that much, this cheese roll tuna is also given grated cheese on top. you have to try!
Unagi Kyuri Roll
For those of you who like unagi, this one menu is a must for you to try! Feel the pleasure of sweet and savory unagi combined with crabstick. This unagi kyuri roll is also sprinkled with tobiko / ebiko, let alone added the mayonnaise sauce that is in the roll. Wow, it's delicious!
Wasabi Salmon Mentaiko
Delicious wasabi, salmon, and soft mentaiko sauce that you can get on this menu. For lovers of wasabi and mentai sauce, don't miss this menu! After you try sushi with a roll of salmon and thick mentai sauce, it's definitely addictive.
Modan Chicken Yaki
From YES 248, we bring you Japanese most lovable Modan noodles, served with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and chopped aonori. A true experience! Taste it now!
Penne BBQ Pasta
If you like BBQ sauce, this menu is a must for you to try. Delicious BBQ sauce with juicy chicken plus grated cheese on top of a delicious penne. This menu must be on your dining table!
Penne with Mushroom Sauce
Penne and mushroom sauce is a perfect match, the texture of penne pasta with creamy and delicious mushroom sauce mix with cheese will bring you joy & happiness.
Spaghetti Opor Ayam
Savory and slightly spicy spaghetti suits you, especially with the opor chicken sauce. Really you have to try this menu. Spaghetti Opor Chicken will also be more delicious with chopped red chili and cheese, the pleasure is unbearable!
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese always has the best taste of sauce to mix with the noodles and cheese. Simple spaghetti bolognese is the perfect lunch or dinner and will wow your family or guests. Sure you won’t regret!
Fettucine Carbonara
Fettucine Carbonara is famously flavorful! Tender pasta is tossed in a delicious carbonara sauce combined with smoked chicken, oregano and cheese is a must!
Spaghetti Chicken Salted Egg
There is no doubt that the texture of salted eggs is perfect with delicious spaghetti, especially with fried chicken on top will make you addicted!
Spaghetti Fish Cream Curry
The crispness of fried fish gives a crunchy sensation when enjoyed with a tasty curry sauce and delicious spaghetti. A mix of spaghetti, fish and curry sauce, it’s super yummy!
Dory Fried Rice
Cooked rice that’s been especially stir-fried in a wok with soy sauce, egg and vegetables and on top served the fresh and tender dory meat. The soft dory fish is fried in a special technique, making it soft inside and crispy on the outside.
Butter Rice Katsu
Cooked with butter, spicy mayonnaise, and mozzarella cheese and topped with chicken katsu and garnished with nori. The food is simple but the taste is no doubt!
Salmon Fried Rice
Fries rice mixed salmon and veggie, egg on the side served with leek and nori on top. Taste that you will surely fulfill your hunger!
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